Hiding Your Dogs Crate in Plain Sight

The three most important pieces of equipment I use are the collar, the leash, and the crate. Most dog owners already have the first two and most dread the last. “I don’t want to put him in a cage” they say, even though they’ve heard that dogs are denning animals and will feel safe and happy in a small place that’s all their own.
How We Train the Recall

The bottom line is that using a crate is far and away the easiest way to housetrain a dog and to keep him (and your home!) safe while you are away. A few years ago I started experimenting with some of the newer design conscious crates and found that clients were far more receptive to the idea of buying their puppies a beautiful new home than an ugly old cage. Here are some of the new crates that your dog can enjoy as much as you do:


I have this one in my own home. Great for dogs under 15kg, the eiCrate is functional and beautiful. These were a limited edition run (only 1000 were made) and they are well constructed, comfortable, and durable. I called the manufacturer and begged him to do an additional run for the City Dog Shop (coming soon!) but he is intent on these being exclusive design objects.

Cute Dog With Blue Collar

VOOV Dog House (Hundehus)

Great for dogs under 8kg, the VOOV Hundehus is both crate and side table. While the VOOV is beautifully constructed the locking mechanism on the gate is pretty weak and the bedding cushion could be softer. Still, the casters are a great feature on this one and for a small dog this would work well.

Zen Haus

The Zen Haus will work for dogs up to 15kg. It’s got great ventilation, sturdy sides and locking mechanism, and comes in four colors. My only complaint about this one is that it’s tough to find beds to fit it just right. But you’ll find the same problem with the eiCrate and any of the non-rectangular crates.

Bauhaus Cubix Dog Mansion

I haven’t used the Cubix myself but I can’t deny it is GORGEOUS! You can order it with an optional gate. Will one of my clients please buy one of these and tell me what you think! It will work for dogs up to 25kg.

And if you’re more concerned with function than form, go for one of these dog-trainer gold standard products:

Vari Kennel

The Vari Kennel is available in all sizes and is a fantastic crate. It’s airline approved, the door has a good strong locking mechanism, the construction is really sturdy, and it will easily last your dogs lifetime.

Finally, if you’re training a working dog or rehabilitating serious aggression I highly recommend the:

Leerburg Full Vent Crate

Impeccably constructed, this crate won’t overheat in the sun, has great ventilation, a sturdy locking mechanism, and has reinforced welded seams to keep fido securely inside (even if he has other ideas). You could use this crate with any dog of course but at £900 a pop we really only see these on working dogs and in cases of severe aggression

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