iPad Masterclass

Teach your dog some essential tech skills.

Teach your dog to take selfies and paint on your iPad with City Dog’s exclusive 90-minute training course. 

No experience or prior training is needed; dogs of all ages
and abilities will be welcome, any dog can learn this in just one session.

ipad masterclass

Take your canine friend back to school and experience the benefits of structured play, an essential part of connecting with your dog. Pets who are engaged with their owners through performing tricks are likely to be better behaved in other areas – they’re happier, more obedient, and easier to handle on a day-to-day basis. Finding fun ways to create this connection with your dog will make your relationship more rewarding and pleasurable.

The iPad masterclass is run by City Dog founder Nicole Scott, an ex-NASA physicist turned dog trainer, and New York dog trainer Anna Jane Grossman.

Forget new leads, toys and treats. Spoil your dog with something they’ll really appreciate – an afternoon of fun with your best friend!


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