Boot Camps

Right, let’s get serious (well, semi-serious). You love your dog, but it would be great if he listened to you a bit more. Our bootcamps are month long 1-on-1-on-1 programs where we meet with you and your dog twice a week for an hour long session and train your dog with you.

We set goals at the beginning of the month (usually to train the dog to pass the Pets As Therapy assessment, the first leg of obedience trials, or for the Canine Good Citizen test). Then we prepare both you and your dog for the challenge.

We usually include a session on how to take your dog to a pub or restaurant, how to to behave when a stranger wants a pat and how to behave on public transportation or in your car.

This is the service to buy if you want to train your dog yourself but have found the group classroom environment somewhat lacking.

Bootcamp starts at £1500.


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